Durex Condom Ad Lessons on Marketing


In advertising, it’s always the controversial that are the most creative. With moral and legal boundaries to traverse like Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment, these companies find new ways to speak directly to their target audience, and every now and again it’s a truly beautiful thing.

I LOVE this ad.

I saw it on YouTube and it’s the first ad in a VERY long time I haven’t hit the ‘skip this ad’ button.

If you haven’t seen it – do thyself a favour

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I’m just really surprised that I’m not seeing this ad everywhere.

I love the unbranded hashtag (another topic for another day) and I love this amazing use of tech!

I just feel like Durex are under-utilising this as a campaign.

With all that being said – Bravo Durex! This is going to be a HARD one to beat (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself).

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