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People Standing On Escalators Drive me NUTS! #Rant

I used to work in the city, granted, it was Brisbane city so it certainly wasn’t Sydney, London or New York, but it’s a city none the less. In my lunch hour I would often escape the office at light speed to squeeze as many precious minutes as I could to launch The Yellow Bucket brand #hustle. So I was ALWAYS in a rush.

I would tear out of the office to the nearest free wifi connection. On my way I had to negotiate one or two escalators.

Here is something that absolutely discombobulates me… Being in the city, I’m hardly the only one in a rush. Most people in major cities are in a rush. What I don’t get is how fast people walk from place to place but as soon as they get on an escalator…. nothing. It’s break time for the legs. It’s a snooze fest for the cardiovascular system, and why not? This fan-dangled machine has GOT this! It’s getting me up these stairs without me having to walk up stairs! Aint’ science something!!


If the escalator breaks, can you still get up? Of COURSE you can!

This is the core difference between those who SMASH it at life and those that expect to be taken on the journey.

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Escalators are a TOOL to get you to your destination FASTER.

NOT a luxury 30 second holiday for your limbs while you’re on your lunch break.

So the existential question is…

What escalators are you coasting on?

Technology is AMAZING. Just look and see how far we’ve come in the last 10 years. Have you taken the foot off the pedal on any area of your business because technology is taking care of it? What areas could you walk up the escalator to get to your destination faster? You don’t even need to run, that’s what makes the technology so great!

Think about your smart phone. Are you using it to achieve outcomes faster or are you just lazily coasting at a snails pace while it drags you up a hill. Smartphones are amazing, there’s a multitude of apps that can make your business better and more efficient. Even having the ability to check and send emails on the go is a massive bonus. BUT Are you using your phone for it’s original purpose?? To make phone calls??

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I was listening to the ‘beers, blokes and business podcast’ a while back and Steve Sammartino made an excellent point about phones vs email. He said that if phones were invented AFTER email then we would all think that it was the most amazing piece of tech ever.

“Imagine this, there’s a device, just like email. But instead of writing to one another, you can actually TALK to one another and get answers INSTANTLY?”

Are you using your smart PHONE to it’s full effect or are you standing on the escalator?

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