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QLD’s First Bank

I was having lunch in the city the other day, there’s a nice park across from post office square. As I was eating, I looked up and noticed that the Westpac building borders onto the park, it’s the first time I’ve really looked at their sign.

Did you know that Westpac is QLD’s FIRST bank??

Do you care?

I certainly don’t.

I don’t really understand that tag line. How does Westpac being QLD’s first bank help their customers?

We banked with Westpac with our first business and the guy who signed us up was lovely, but their internet banking SUCKED!! I mean it sucked, it sucked so bad. We knew that it sucked when we signed up, but that was ok we were assured that they were updating their internet banking to catch up to the other big banks as we spoke.

Five years later… No change.

That’s not true, they had actually made it WORSE! About 2 years in they decided to enforce further security measures meaning we had to have a physical key with a number on it that changed ever couple of minutes if we wanted to access any money, and I mean any money. We couldn’t even move $10 out of the account without the code.

Need Help With Marketing And Customer Service

By this stage our lovely account manager was long gone and had been replaced by… Well nobody as far as we knew.

So with no lovely account manager and crappy internet banking we were about to take our business elsewhere, when I saw their tagline and saw they were QLD’s FIRST bank, so I thought to myself ‘well if they were the FIRST they MUST be good’… Pfffft, as if!

We were OUT!

It’s only subtle but a tagline is a big part of your business communications. It probably won’t kill you but it’s definitely an opportunity to surprise, delight, entertain and/or inform your current and potential clients.

Don’t waste it.

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